James DuMaine


James DuMaine is a Music Producer, Engineer, Composer, Song Writer, Course Writer, Book Writer and Educator originally from Louisiana. He’s had a successful earlier career as a performing musician and producer who worked with several international Grammy award winning funk and hip-hop groups (GAP Band, George Clinton, Brick, Yarbrough & Peoples, DOC) along with a few great film projects. Keyboards have been in his whole life, the stage his passion, and the recording studio his layer of mastery. But at the heart of his skills is the ability to produce very compelling emotionally intense songs and music.

As an educator, he has taught well over 1300 students of which many have gone on to have successful careers as engineers and producers in the music, television, and film industry. Being the versatile musician that he is, James knows how to deliver contagious melodies, screaming rock solos, and funky rhythms to the stage on a dime. James also worked with several large corporations like Ticketmaster, where he led the development of the sales training operation while managing over one thousand employees.

James also helped develop the education department for MARS music.James is the owner of Fast Forward Workshops LLC.; A company that provides consulting services that range from technical installations of sound, broadcast, and lighting, to educational organization development in the effort to provide new forms of accessible education to the masses. In 2017, James partnered with world famous, QUAD Recording Studios NYC, to develop ASL (Advanced Studio Learning) engineering school. As a course writer and participating instructor for ASL, James has considered all of the various types of learning that can be encountered in order to best meet the needs of any student.

The pdf collection used for the course was written and constructed by James. Recently, part of the collection was published into the book release, “Zengineer Scrolls”. It is the first of the collection available to the public. Born from these previous experiences in business and creativity is UnFair Records, United Federation For Artistic Independence And Retail, a unique business model for artists of all disciplines   James “Nu Skyy Demosiah” DuMaine

James Stenson

President of Unfair Records

Ever Since I was a little boy playing with a fisher price record player. I have a passion for music. James Stenson, sometimes affectionately referred to as (James 2) by our clients, has a burning passion for great music. As the current President of Unfair Records with an 18 year Audio Engineering career, James’ diverse background in the Audio /Visual industry shines through in the form of studio production, live sound mixing, stage production, tv broadcast and video editing.

James cares about the future of the position of the modern independent artist. James also has a deep corporate background in Accounting and Finance of 20 years plus. As a professional in the field of accounting, James has reached the status of a Senior Accountant.

During his tenure as an accountant he has accumulated the following talents of: General ledger, Month-end close, Reconciliations Fixed assets Financial analysis Forecasting Budgeting Auditing Reviewing financial statements All of these skills have contributed to his ability to track progress in song placements, acquire merchandising opportunities, report record sales, identify premium artists, and negotiate marketing budgets

James Jeh Horton

Vice President of Promotions

James E. “Jeh” Horton is a musician, educator, producer, engineer, and songwriter. Jeh is proficient on multiple instruments to a professional level, and has worked all over Florida and Texas as a professional musician. Jeh’s album, “The Resistance“ is available on various streaming platforms, and retail music sites.

The album consistently garners rave reviews, a testament to Jeh’s exceptional artistry. When he’s not entertaining audiences in Texas or Florida, jeh owns and manages one of the most successful music teaching studios in North Texas, Mansfield, Music, Mentors. MMM has produced several professional musicians and performers as well as many all state UIL musicians over the past 17 years.

Notable alumni and performers include Drake Milligan, Tania Brou, Ava Jacobs, Kirby Cash, Engineer/Tech Max Lowery, College musicians Jesse Katz (UTA), Emily Ledesma (UTA), Stephen Willis (Texas A&M) and Chloe Williams (Texas State)). Jeh’s dedication to music education and mentorship extends beyond his studio, as he continues to inspire aspiring musicians and future industry professionals.

His expertise and guidance have shaped the careers of numerous individuals and will continue to do so in the future. His unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for nurturing young talents, make him a respected figure in the music community and an incredible asset, as Vice President of Promotions with UnFair Records.